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22 Road, Borklyn street USA

22 Road, Borklyn street USA

Siddharth is a learner and a serial entrepreneur having his footprints in industries such as Real Estate, Electronic components, and Eyewear, along with being the Editor in Chief of NowYouSeeMe popularly known as (NYSM).

During the lockdown when the businesses were shifted to Work from Home, Siddharth, like many others spent most of his time on digital gadgets. Very soon, he experienced eye complaints like blur vision, discomfort, itching, dryness, and redness due to overuse. When he started searching for solutions online, He found answers but couldn't solely rely on them as most of them were from QUORA or other QAA websites. He saw an immediate need for a go-to platform that answers all doubts and queries related to the eye-health or eyecare industry, & boom! This gave birth to Nowyouseeme where readers find solutions and get insights related to any eye-related problems through our interviews with industry experts and self-published blogs every month.

NYSM is a special initiative for him as he believes the Eyecare industry as a whole is an unorganized sector even after being very important to mankind. He wants to spread awareness about eye health and its importance to every individual. He states that Covid-19 has affected us from all directions but the main victims are the eyes. This era of Digitalisation has forced us to learn, educate, and implement online, which obviously have their pros and cons, but we should be prioritizing proper care for our eyes, as we will be incapable of doing anything without good vision.

The Fact

India has about 550 million people in need of vision correction, i.e. almost half of India’s population.

Our Mission

Is to spread awareness to the masses without any keyword hassles or searching all over the internet. Our team believes in delivering the solutions in the simplest ways possible.

Our Vision

Is to provide support to the experts trying their best to reduce the vision correction problems across the nation. We are India’s first blog site to have started an initiative to lower the vision correction cases in our country.

Siddharth D Salecha.

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